Using Zoom in Conference Rooms 1150, 1160a, and 2193

Using Zoom in the Conference Rooms


To use the room camera and mics you must use the room pc to connect to zoom


  • Touch the touchpad anywhere on the screen to start up the room system

  • The room will start up in PC mode by default
  • Press a key on the keyboard to wake up the room computer
  • Sign into your CoM account on the room pc





Enter "FSU" for the Company Domain







  • Sign into with your FSU account and authorize Two-Factor Authentication


  • Join your Zoom via a meeting link or by entering in the Meeting ID in the Zoom App


The room camera is routed to Zoom. The Camera can be adjusted using the Camera button on the touchpad.



Power on the mic by pressing the button on the back. The button on the top of the mic will mute and unmute the mic. The levels can be adjusted using the Audio Button on the Touchpad


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