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Check and Resolve Sync Center Conflicts

How to check and fix syncing errors for H: Drives.

Classroom Technology Guide for 1400, 1306, and 1200

Provides a guide on the use of the new Room Control and Audio/ Video functions of the classroom systems for 1400, 1306, and 1200

H: Drive to OneDrive Migration

Information about the upcoming migration of your documents from H: Drive home folders to FSU's OneDrive

MEDNet Upgrade to Office 365/SharePoint Online

FAQ on the MEDNet upgrade to O365

Microsoft Office

Information about training resources for Microsoft Office products.

Outlook - Customize Outlook panes in Version 2302

This article shows how to move the Outlook mail, calendar, people and my tasks icon back to the lower left corner of the Outlook application.

Quickly Access Network File Share Locations

Tips for accessing network drives quickly and easily

Using Zoom in Conference Rooms 1150, 1160a, and 2193

Guide to using Zoom in MED conference rooms