Classroom Technology Guide for 1400, 1306, and 1200

Classroom Control

Start Screen:


Touch the screen anywhere to turn on the room system with default settings




Power: Opens the Power Page: Toggle Power for Displays and Shut Down System

Basic: Open Basic routing page. Allows Selection of Default Routing Options

Advanced: Open Advanced routing page: Allows Selection of custom Routing Options

Camera: Opens Camera Page: Allows Zoom/Tilt control and switching between Front and Rear Cameras

Annotation: Open Annotation Page. Allows to write and highlight over the current content

Audio: Opens the Audio Page: Control audio levels for each microphone

Program Volume Bar: Raise, Lower, or mute current Room System volume

Mute Button: Mutes/Unmutes all room mics.

Recording Indicator: Shows whether the Lecture Capture Device is currently recording




Basic Routing Page: