Popular Services

General IT services as offered by MED IT.

Print posters for research fairs, Student Organizations, etc.

The approved software for the College of Medicine

MED Building Access Request

General service requests for the MED Facilities department.

How to install certificates on personal / BYOD devices.

Facilities Parking Spot Request

Services related to creating and tracking new and renewal contracts through the FSU Contracts Management processes.

Information on having a network file share created or modified.

Used for general Van Use Requests.

Get steps to reset or request help with your password

Voice Over IP, telephone, and FAX services.

Service related to a new network connection or changes.

Microsoft OneDrive is an online file storage service provided by the University for storing files and sharing them with collaborators.

Request a new custom application

Need to request update on Alumni & Friends webpage, https://med.fsu.edu/alumnifriends/reunion.
Remove Michele Reagan contact and remove hyperlink to form, just above the picture.
PCI compliance concerns with form in link; in addition to Michele no longer working at COM.